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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Edward Gets Book Clubbed!

Hi, friends! There a few happy things I'd like to share today: 

1) ALL New York City libraries will be waiving ALL fines for kids and teens today so they can start off with a clean slate and get their borrowing privileges back! This is a very good thing, so come on back to the library if you have been avoiding it because of $$. 

2) My picture book Edward Gets Messy has been picked up by Scholastic Book Club! I loved the Scholastic Book fair as a kid and I'm so excited that more kids will have access to Edward nationwide starting this February (in paperback, how cool)! 

3) This is more practical news than purely happy, but with the help of a very generous friend and colleague named Mike, I've finally got an official website up and running. You can find it at ritameade.com and more than likely I will be updating that more than I do this blog (hopefully more than once every five months, at least). The site still needs work, obviously, but at the very least, I have an official landing page. Thanks, Mike! 

And thank you, reader, for your support (as always)! I hope you have a happy day too.