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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Elmo Reads Edward!

To follow up on my post from Halloween - this is ALSO the best thing ever. (More than one "best thing ever" can exist in the world, right?) Last week, Sesame Street used my library branch as a location for a photo shoot with local families and staff with their kids. My wonderful BPL Robin colleague attended with her adorable son (below) and while they were waiting for their turn, they started reading Edward Gets Messy at one of the tables.

At that exact moment, the actual, "real-life" Elmo came over to their table and started READING EDWARD GETS MESSY WITH THEM. (I have a video of this, which I'm not allowed to share, but, once again, it's the coolest thing EVER.) I'm not sure if "Elmo reading your picture book out loud in the library" can be considered a life goal, but if it is, I'm thrilled to have achieved it.

(Photo credit: Ryan Heffernan. Used with permission from Sesame Street. Thanks, Sesame Street!)