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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My Afternoon

*confiscates soccer ball in the library for the 99th time*

*says "I don't want to see any more balls in here"*

*immediately regrets word choice and dies*


  1. Like the time I emailed all the staff "It's pot season!"

    1. Ha, what did you actually mean? Planting or cooking? :)

    2. well, see i always do this huge program at the beginning of summer where we paint pots and i can never get enough so i need all the staff to watch at walmart for when the pots get put out b/c i need at least 100 and i just wanted to let everyone know they were putting them out and....yeah

  2. Like the time I was finally getting my new desk, and the police department agreed to take my old desk to use as an evidence station. Eight cops came to get the monstrosity out, and they wondered aloud if they could take the top part off. I announced to all and sundry that I would take ANYTHING off if it would get that thing out of my room.

  3. I used to teach 7th grade English. One of the activities in their workbook, which I remembered to skip starting my 2nd year, involved sentences about golf. They were supposed to underline the adjective and draw an arrow to the word it described. We went over the answers: "I underlined leather and it describes ball," "Dimpled describes ball" ... you get the idea.

    Whoever writes these textbooks should beta test them with middle schoolers.