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Monday, March 16, 2015

Story Time

The other day a kid (one of the library regulars) showed me a short story she had written in school and we talked about it (it was actually pretty dark, but that's a tale for another time).

Later that afternoon, after she had finished her homework, the kid came up to me and told me she was bored. There were no programs going on at that time, so I said that she should write another short story. 

"What should I write about?" she said.

"An awesome librarian," I joked. 

This is what she handed to me a little while later:

I asked the kid who the narrator was talking to, and she shrugged and said "no one, really."
Even though I've never played chess in my life (and obviously we need to work on the "your vs. you're" thing), I told her I appreciated the support and that I hope she keeps writing. Someone's got to do it!  


While I have you here: below is some stuff I've worked on in the past couple of months that I'm proud enough to want to show y'all. (Might as well get all the self-promotion out of the way in one post because at the pace I am moving, the next time I'll blog again will be in July): 

Here's piece I wrote for Reading Rainbow: "A Writer & Librarian on How (& Why) to Surround Yourself with Books"

Here's a post on Book Riot about #WeNeedDiverseBooks featuring some awesome teens at my library (as well as the work of my awesome colleague Katya): "We Need Diverse Books: Real Teens Have Their Say

And don't forget about the Dear Book Nerd podcast! In some recent episodes, my guests and I answer lots of really interesting questions and discuss diversity, genre, more diversity, spoilers, and other cool bookish stuff. Check it all the episodes here (and submit your own questions!)

Until next time (hopefully before July),