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Monday, May 19, 2014

A Day in the Life

Several months ago I was asked by documentary filmmaker Julie Dressner to be a part of an advocacy video featuring different library branches and library workers in the BPL, NYPL, and QBPL systems (which are all awesome, but separate). Being an advocate for libraries in whatever way I can be, I jumped at the chance.

The goals of the video were two-fold:

1) To show the reality of working in a public library and the positive effects that libraries have on actual people living in the city.

2) To help NYC libraries get better funding.

I'm proud have been involved (a small segment of my interview pops up at minute 8:43, as well as shots of some of my library kids) and I think the entire video came out very well. Watch it here:

Libraries Now: A Day in the Life of NYC’s Branches

The video is also being featured on The Atlantic and other outlets. With all the misinformation and ignorance about libraries swirling around out there, I hope the message gets spread far and wide. People need libraries. Libraries help people. It's that simple.

Also! Julie had asked me if I knew of anyone from my branch who should be featured in the video, and right away I thought of my wonderful (now former, *sob*) teen volunteer, C.R., who wrote this amazing essay and allowed me to feature it on my blog a while back: "Why The Library Saved My Life." Read it if you get the chance. It's important. While her interview didn't make this particular video, you can see her in the background during many of the shots. Thanks for being awesome, C.R.! And thank you to Julie and Jessie Hicks for making such a powerful, true-to-life piece.

And just for fun, the photo below is a still of me from the advocacy video sent to me by my sister. In this segment, I was talking to C.R. (who is highly charming and amusing) but for some reason I was trying to maintain a serious, business-like expression. My sister noted that it looked like I was trying very hard not to laugh. She was correct. An actress I'll never be. Oh well. Guess I'll stick with the librarianing. It's pretty cool anyway.



  1. I just watched the video. Beautifully done. One of my local libraries, http://www.schlowlibrary.org/ , just went a week of closure to due falling funding from our state (Pennsylvania).

    1. I'm very sorry to hear that. Any advocacy events going on for the library?

    2. They turned the entire week into an advocacy event. They had local politicians, etc. Their funding locally and donations have increased over the past few years, but state funding has dropped. Hopefully we'll be getting a new PA Governor this year.

  2. Awww, what a beautiful video. I'm actually welling up a bit over here! I'm in England, and in a small corner that doesn't have huge libraries like some of the ones in this video, but even so I know how much people value their local branches - whether they get a home delivery service, or drop in for a browse or to sit and read the paper, or spend hours there every day using everything it has to offer. I hope these campaigns and documentaries and advocacy events help, I really do. My local libraries mean everything to me and I can't imagine my local villages and towns not having them any more.