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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dear Book Nerd Round-Up!

Hey, guys! It's been a while since I last posted about the Dear Book Nerd podcast, so in case you need to catch up, here are the last three episodes. They are (if I do say so myself) all fun to listen to, thanks to my wonderful guest co-hosts and to the people who have submitted really interesting questions!


I'm just going to go ahead and plagiarize myself for the descriptions here:

Episode #4: To Read the Classics, Or Not To Read the Classics?

Welcome back to the Dear Book Nerd podcast! Jeff O’Neal joins me once again as special guest-host for Episode #4, in which we talk about CLASSIC LITERATURE and the strong feelings that reading it (or not reading it, as the case may be) can bring about. Enjoy!

Episode #5: The Thing About Ebooks…

Welcome to Episode #5 of the Dear Book Nerd podcast! My guest co-host this week is the hilarious Dan Wilbur. Dan is a comedian, creator of Better Book Titles, and host of the Two-Book Minimum Podcast, a show in which authors and comedians chat about literature. (Be sure to check it out!) Dan and I tackle two listener-submitted questions about the often hotly-debated topic of ebooks. We discuss whether or not ebooks are considered “real” books, why this is even a debate in the first place (and why it probably shouldn’t be), how ebooks will doom the future of reading (just kidding), things to think about when choosing an ereader, and much more.

Episode #6: The Risky Business of Lending Books

Have you ever lent out a book to a friend (or a family member, or an ex) and they never gave it back? And you don’t know how to get it back? And you reeeeaally want to get it back? Then this episode of the Dear Book nerd podcast is for you! The wonderful and wise Ryan Chapman and I discuss the pitfalls of lending out your books, what it means to be a responsible book borrower, strategies on how to get your precious items back, and much more. (Plus, I make some shocking confessions of my own.) Don’t miss it!


Remember, if you need any bookish advice, please email me at DearBookNerd@bookriot.com or use the webform at the bottom of any DBN-related post. I love hearing from you.

Aaaaaand if you enjoy the podcast, please take a minute or two to rate it on iTunes! It helps other people find the show and it's fun for me to see what's working with the podcast. Thanks for listening!

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