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Friday, December 13, 2013

"Dear Book Nerd" Round-Up

I've been pretty bad about cross-posting my Book Riot posts here (or maybe that's a good thing? I'm not sure.) But since I think they might be of interest to my fellow book-and-library-lovers, here are my last four "Dear Book Nerd" columns for your consideration.


1) In this column, I try to counsel someone hurt by the fact that a gift book has gone un-read:

Dear Book Nerd: “My Girlfriend Never Read the Book I Gave Her”

2) In this one, I give advice to a job-hunter who has a very specific problem:

Dear Book Nerd: “I Have an Arrest Record. Can I Get a Librarian Job?”

3) This one is perhaps not what it initially sounds like (hint: there IS no good pick-up line to use on a librarian, or anyone else for the matter):

Dear Book Nerd: “What’s the Best Pick-Up Line to Use on a Librarian?”

4) And finally, more job-seeking advice (this post contains a LONG list of book-related jobs):

Dear Book Nerd: “Help! I Need a (Book-Related) Job!”

(By the way, if you have any fun/serious/silly/poignant questions you want to ask, please submit them!)

And while I'm over here Book Rioting, here's a post about a "scientific analysis" I did about what kids these days want to read, and another post about art for grammar geeks, which includes this poster:


That's enough self-promotion for one day, I think. Have a great weekend, errryone!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013