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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Me: "How's school going?"

Tween Girl: "BAD. I already have a project due."

Me: "What kind of project?"

Tween: "I have to write about what my utopia would be like."

Me: "That sounds interesting!"

Tween: "I guess."

Me: "So what WOULD your utopia be like?"

Tween: "Two things: 1) Vampires would be real. 2) I would know Hugh Jackman."

Me: "Hmm. So vampires being real would be a good thing?"

Tween: "Yes."

Me: "You wouldn't be afraid of them trying to kill you?"

Tween: "Well not ALL of them are like that."

Me: "I see. Well, Hugh Jackman is cool."

Tween: "I know." 

Good talk, kid. Good talk. 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

What Would a World Without Libraries Look Like? (Update!)

In case you missed it (a month ago, I am really bad at posting things in a timely manner lately), I have a post up over at Book Riot about how I was once again a judge for a kid's library essay contest.

Click on over and read it for wonderful excerpts from kid essays about what the future would be like if libraries didn't exist. There's some good stuff in there.

What Would a World Without Libraries Look Like? Kids Have Their Say.

And here is a bonus essay that was written by a Brooklyn 5th grader on this topic (it wasn't put on the Book Riot site). This dystopian tale is really well-written and contains heartfelt sentiment about libraries at the end. Have hope, librarians!

"Day 1: All libraries have just vanished and there is chaos. People are starting to turn back
 to old ways. There is total mutiny. I am writing from my basement, the only safe place left.

Day 5: Thank God that the mass panic is over. The mayor said that we would start rebuilding soon and placed the ceremonial cornerstone, but it too, vanished. Then mayor then said 'Well scratch that idea, townspeople you will just have to learn to live without libraries.' With that he left.

Day 10: After the mayor's speech I wasn't feeling any better. The building was nothing, an old house with a green carpet that smells like old books. Yet there were memories in that building, chess matches won and lost, doing homework with friends, and reading on the benches. It hurts to think about it.

Day 12: I just heard where the school clubs that met in the library are now going to meet, the Senior Center. Ugh! This place has moldy brown carpet and smells like denture cream. It will do, but it won't be the same.

Day 17: At least we can use the Internet for school projects.

Day 20: Today Scientists figured out why the libraries disappeared. Something to do with chemical reactions, or was that just science class. On another note in the place of the library the city is building another useless tax office. The town already has SEVEN!

Day 27: It's been about one month since all of the libraries in the world disppeared and I can't take it anymore. So this world without libraries will be torture but I think I can survive. To recap the mass panic is a very scary thing, the mayor (Not Mayor Bloomberg) is doing nothing, and LIBRARIES ARE IMPORTANT. May there never be a world without libraries.
A few months ago my class and I went to our local library. It's not an old house but a large building with high tech equipment. Our library is a fun and enjoyble place with a chess club, story time (for the little kids) and a lot of books; this place is a second home to me."
Kids are the best.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Just a Librarian

Kid: "What grade are you in?"
Me: "I'm not in a grade."
Kid: "You're in college?"
Me: "Nope."
Kid: "You're done with school?"
Me: "Yep."
Kid: "You're a parent now?"
Me: "No."
Kid: "So...what are you?"
Me: "Just a librarian."
Kid: "Oh." *walks away*
Good talk, kid. Good talk.