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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Let's Rally

Last week I attended a rally for NYC libraries at City Hall as part of Urban Librarians Unite. I didn't get to take many photos because I was holding a sign (below) for most of the rally, but I wish I had been able to, because there was a great turnout, energetic speeches, and even some bubble-blowing at the end. It was definitely one of the more fun, productive-feeling rallies I've attended and it gave me hope about library funding going forward. 

School Library Journal covers it better than I could here and the Epoch Times covers it here - both articles are worth reading for their discussion the kid speeches (is there anything more hilariously adorable than an eight-year-old in a suit and tie?) and also because they talk about the introduction of legislation for baseline funding for libraries, which would be GREAT. 

If you missed that rally, there's still time for you to attend some today, May 28th! It's the City Wide Day of Rallies, and there's stuff going on in every borough. Check it out. 

If you can't go to any of those events, be sure to tune into this live feed (provided by the Queens Library Guild Local 1321) starting at 11am today. They are going to be broadcasting peoples' short (30 seconds or less) testimony about why they love their libraries. 

And if you can't watch THAT, you can always sign one of the library petitions, which I will be shoving down your throat until we don't need them anymore. *BIG SMILE.*

Rally on, people! 

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