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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

National Library Workers Day

So, things are pretty weird in the country right now, but even so, it's still National Library Workers Day, and we all have to keep doing our jobs the best we can.

There's really no right way to celebrate this, except to celebrate libraries themselves. Use them, appreciate them, love them. If you happen to find yourself actually inside a library today, please be nice to whomever you encounter. It will be appreciated.
Oh, also, we all got a pins to wear. Thanks, AFSCME/DC 37. And if you can tell me what that Dewey Decimal number stands for, you get a gold star!

(I tried to do a "tough librarian" face, but it didn't really work out.)


And, for some reason, we all received a "Magic Grip Jar Opener."


Maybe they think library workers buy a lot of pickles?

Who knows. I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

My many thanks to all library workers, near and far. You're all awesome. Keep on keepin' on.

(And I'm especially thinking of the people who work at the JFK Library in Boston, not to mention everyone else who was hurt/affected yesterday. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it, but check out my post from this morning for some poignant thoughts by Dennis Lehane about what happened.)


  1. Nice pin! We didn't get any official swag, but I am wearing my pendant that says "I still believe in 398.2"

  2. 331.88: Unions and labor history. I like Debra's pin though--where did you find that?

    Our supervisors brought in cheesecake and fruit. I'm just hoping our current local tin foil hat man doesn't come in today. That's all the celebration I need.

    1. Haha, wishing you the best, Nancy. Also, GOLD STAR!

    2. I, too, am jealous of Debra's pendant. But, hark! I have found it on Etsy! http://etsy.me/11ia0DI

  3. That is a fierce face you are making there :)

    I LOVE that pin.

    Paul (paulliadis.com/blog)

  4. UPDATE: someone who knows me all too well told me a great use for the "Magic Grip Jar Opener" - STUBBORN CHAMPAGNE CORKS. This might be life-changing for me.

  5. Just have to add: years ago, I got one of those grip jar openers from our state library, and at a loss for what to do with it I offered it to my mom. She is still using it, declares it is the best thing in her arsenal for opening any jar or bottle, and refuses to use the nice gadgets my dad bought for her (because he's an engineer and thinks that gadgets are always more fun than a piece of rubbery stuff). Her hands aren't very strong, but this thin piece of blue rubbery stuff boasting about online library services serves her very well. :)