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Thursday, September 6, 2012

On a Happier Note...

Well, hey! Look what came in the mail today! My Salem Press "Quirky Library Blog Winner" plaque. Not too shabby!

The plaque is not made of gold or chocolate (I checked), but that's okay. It was a huge honor for me to receive it and I shall display it on my desk with pride. Thank you again to anyone who voted for the blog!


  1. I started reading your blog after seeing that you had won the award. I've been enjoying your posts, and definitely identifying with those concerning cut-backs. Keep up the great job. :)

    (I'm an adult reference librarian who also has to help the kiddies when the children's librarian is not around, so I serve all age groups.)

    1. That's so nice, thank you so much! You keep up the great job as well! :)

  2. Shiny awards are NEVER a bad thing!

  3. VERY cool, Rita. I love your blog. Yes, display that baby front and center.