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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Librarian Gets TOLD

On occasion, an older kid will accompany his or her younger sibling to storytime (this particular storytime session ended with some free play time, which included blocks, etc.).

This is the kind of thing that happens:

Girl (around age 9 or 10): "Look, I built this."

Me: "Cool! What is it, exactly?"

Girl: "It's Bowser's castle."

Me: "Bowser? Like, from Super Mario Brothers?"

Girl: "Yes." (I could sense her unspoken "DUH.")

Teen Volunteer (holding out a plastic cow to the girl): "Here, you can put this in there to live in your castle."

Girl: "That's not Bowser. That's a cow."

Me: "It could be COWSER! Get it? ...Get it?"

Girl (looks at me with disdain): "I would NEVER have that live in my castle."

And THIS is why we have age restrictions for storytime.


  1. You need a LIKE button on this blog!! Click click! Wonderful and witty as always...!

  2. Hilarious - I certainly understand age restrictions in anything the library does.


  3. Hah. Bravo. Quite a humorous thing to see in my browser. Don't get that girl too angry, else she may become some sort of rabble-rouser.

    (I can't think of a segue into something using the word "dowser", sorry!)