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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm a Poet and I Kinda Knew It

Because there was such a high level of demand to see it *cough* after yesterday's blog post, here's my poem that won first place in the *Suffolk County Library System writing contest in 1991-ish. This was also included this in a book of poems I made for an assignment later that year, which is why it was "illustrated" (believe me, I use that word loosely). You might have noticed that I put a big "1st" in the upper right hand corner. That was in case my teacher missed the fact that I had won the contest. Subtle, Rita. Subtle.

But all joking aside, I was very proud of the poem and obviously felt very strongly about the subject matter (I think we were learning about Harriet Tubman at the time).

The left side of the scan is a bit cut off - it should read "gruff voice" in the 8th line, there should be "grass" following "soft" in the 10th line, and it should be "I sing with the wind" in the 13th line. And as you might be able to tell, I was very much into shape poetry then. (I believe I also wrote a poem about rain that was shaped like, you guessed it, a raindrop.) I'll be waiting for your call, Pulitzer committee!

*My mom and I have conflicting memories about the actual scope of the contest. I remember it only encompassing the school district, my mom thinks that it was Suffolk County as a whole. Since I come off better with my mom's memory of it, let's go with that.   


  1. Wow! You wrote that in 5th grade? That's deep and really well written. :D Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love it! So creative, young!Rita.