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Friday, August 31, 2012

Goodbye, RIF

Due to a loss of federal funding, today is the last day of our RIF program (a reading incentive program that gives kids the opportunity to obtain free books). To steal a phrase from the kids: this really sucks. One 11-year-old girl, who attends RIF every week, more eloquently expressed her feelings about RIF ending in this letter.

It's my sincere hope that federal RIF funding will be restored someday soon. Here's a statement from the BPL website about ways you can possibly help:

"You can help make sure your Congress members know the importance of RIF and why funding should be restored.  Please visit www.rif.org/advocate for more information and to easily identify and contact your Congressional members."

I know there are a billion important things being cut, but I really feel like something that promotes literacy and gives kids access to free books - and for some kids, these are the ONLY books that they will own outright - should not be one of them. Blah, guys. Blah. (Sorry, I'm not feeling very eloquent today. Budget cuts get me down.)


  1. don't add some kind of negative points when you are writing the good bye letter.

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  2. Thanks, spammer! I'll be sure to tell your advice to the distraught 11-year-old kid who wrote the letter.

  3. (Sigh!)
    That letter was no less heart wrenching than a kid's goodbye letter to her mother. I wonder why the kids have to pay when the mess was created by the grown up greedy bankers and people who always wanted a better house (on loan).