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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What's the 311?

I'm sure you're all getting very tired of hearing about these potential NYC library budget cuts - Lord knows that I'm tired of talking about them - but think of it this way: just consider how much more annoying it would be to hear me complain about actual NYC library budget cuts if they were to go through (and you'd better believe I'd be hitting up all my friends, family, and distant acquaintances for jobs if I got laid off!) So this sort of harassment...I mean, reminder...is really mild in comparison.

Anyway. I know you've already signed the petitions and emailed your local politicians and brought cookies to your favorite librarian as a show of support (oatmeal chocolate chip, if you're wondering what kind I like). There's still one more thing you can do! And it's probably the easiest of all AND it has a tremendous impact: 

Call 311! 

That's right! It's not just for reporting potholes or finding out when the recycling gets collected. You can use it to FIGHT THE MAN. Just dial those three little numbers and let your voice be heard - literally. Tell them you are an avid library user and you oppose Mayor Bloomberg's projected library budget cuts. It's as *simple as that!

Here's how: 

Within NYC: 
Just...call 311 like I told you. Do it. Now. What are you waiting for?!

Outside NYC: 
Even if you don't happen to live in NYC, you can still help! Call 212-NEW-YORK (or 212-639-9675, for those who hate deciphering that stuff like I do). In addition, the TTY Number is 212-504-4115.

We only have a few more days before the budget gets decided, so we're trying to inundate 311 with calls today and tomorrow. (But I really won't mind if you do it later this week, I swear.)

Here's the official Facebook Invite created by Urban Librarians Unite if you want to "attend" and show all your friends how cool and socially aware you are. And here's a great post by ULU about why you should do this in the first place - it even provides a helpful script if you are feeling shy.

*Full disclosure: it sometimes takes a minute for the operator you get to figure out how to record your comment, but don't give up.  Calling 311 actually does work in protesting the library budget cuts because they keep track of how many complaints a particular issue gets. The more complaints there are, the more Mayor Bloomberg hears about it. Let's show that Mayor we care! (Is that a poem? I'm pretty sure that's a poem.)

So, thank you in advance! I look forward to a time when I can go back to talking about funny ridiculous library stuff like kids telling me I have to get married soon or I'll die alone instead of scary ridiculous library stuff like budget cuts. 

With love and appreciation,


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