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Monday, June 25, 2012

We Did It

Today the City Council restored $25 million dollars of a potential $27 million dollar cut to Brooklyn Public Library.

This means that BPL will  "maintain existing service levels and avoid layoffs,"
as stated by our President and CEO Linda Johnson. 

I am very tired and emotionally drained (for this and other reasons) so I just want to simply
say thank you to anyone who signed the petitions, tweeted about the cuts, checked out a book - ANYTHING to support NYC libraries and this cause. Thank you. I hope we do not to have to do this again next year, but it's comforting to know that people are on the side of libraries. 

Now to sleep. 


  1. Long time reader here - WOOO HOOOO!!!!! Congrats. Keep up the great work and the great blog posts!!

  2. Congrats! Your success gives me hope for all of us in the librarian profession. :-)

  3. So happy to read this! I'm a more recent reader - found you when you won your award - but I can tell how much energy you put into this issue. This profession needs more people like you :)