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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest...Well, You Know (Part Trois)

Exciting news, everyone! I'm leaving for PARIS OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO PARIS in two days! Before I go, I'd like to share with you my Top 10 Funny Kid-isms that I heard in the past few months. I hope you enjoy them. 

1) Kid: "How do you use the word 'devoted' in a sentence?" 
Me: "What's something you really believe in?" 
Kid: "Wait, let me ask my mom." 
Strong convictions, this one has. 

2) Teen: "Bullying is bad. I'm strongly anti-bullying. Unless it's your sibling. Then it's okay." Can't argue with that.

3) Teen: "You know [band name]?" 
Me: "No. I don't know any new music." 
Teen: "They're not new. They're old. Like, your age." 

4) Kid: "My opinion is, never eat anything with an eyeball still on it." 
This kid is now my nutritionist.

5) Kid: "Love hurts so much." 
Oh dear.

6) Kid: "Is there Teen Time today?"
Me: "No, unfortunately it's been suspended because we're short a librarian."
Kid: "I guess TWO of us are suspended, then." 
Ouch. True, but ouch. 

 7) Kid: "I wish that, like, when you wished for money, it would just come out. 
That would be a miracle." 
Not sure where it would come out FROM, but it sounds good to me. 

 8) Me (during a class visit): "When a library book is late, what do you have to pay?" 
Not quite right, but I'll take it.

9) Kid: "I wish there was a time machine in the library so I could go get my library card." 
I can think of no better use for a time machine.

And finally, my favorite: 

10) I asked the kids in my class visit if they had any questions. A boy raised his hand and said "Are you going to stop talking now?" 
Daaaaaaamn. Well, at least it was an honest question. 

Have a great week, everyone! Au revoir!  


  1. I think kid 4 has secretly been my nutritionist for years. Good call, kid. My recent favorite at my library was after breaking up a fight between two little boys, it turned out that the whole thing started because one of them called the other one "a man." How rude, indeed.

  2. Très magnifique! #10 does it for me. :-) Have fun in Paris, it is my FAVORITE city!!!

  3. just found the blog and like it - love Paris, too - enjoy

  4. Haha! I love the way kids think...partly because it's the way I still think - and I'm realllly old! Like that band.