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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just Another Manic Saturday

I worked on Saturday, and as most public librarians know, Saturday are always dependably chaotic at the library. This past weekend was no exception. By the time the final fun-filled hour of my shift rolled around, I imagine that my brain had started to resemble the proverbial dish of Jello. (And not even, like, delicious red Jello with whipped cream. We're talking that green Jello mold thing with the unidentifiable fruit suspended in it.)

Seriously, has anyone enjoyed this anywhere ever?
Needless to say, I was not at my best on Saturday afternoon. At one point, I even had my own personal Who's On First? moment with some poor kid who was just trying to be understood: 

Kid: "Do you have any short books?"

Me: "Sure. How short?"

Kid: "What?"

Me: "How short do you want them?"

Kid: "....What?"

My brain pulsated. I tried again. 

Me: "How short do you want the books to be?"

Kid: *blank stare*

My brain ached. I walked the kid over to the easy reader section.

Me: "These books are pretty short. Do these look okay?"

Kid: "No. I want LONG books."

My brain screamed. I pressed my fingers into my temples.

Me: "You want long books?"

Kid: "Yes. About sharks."

The Jello surrounding my brain briefly parted and a fruit slice-shaped nugget of understanding crept through. 

Me: "Ooooh. SHARK books! I'm sorry, I thought you said you wanted SHORT books."

Kid: *blank stare*


I got back to the desk to find that one of the young library regulars had very deftly assisted with finding books for another patron while I was helping Shark Boy. I guess this should have made me worried about professionalism or job security, but at that point, I was too tired to care that an 11-year-old had successfully handled a reference transaction with no help from me at all. Quite frankly, I was grateful for the help. 

Me: "Hey, good work! You're going to be a librarian when you grow up."

Girl (with an eyeroll): "No way. I'm going to be a horseback rider."

Now THERE'S an idea: 

Hmm. I better stick to my day job. Hang in there, Saturday Librarians! 

Horse image borrowed from: http://www.dailyclipart.net/


  1. I feel your pain. Saturdays definitely belong to kids, and are the busiest day for programs.

  2. I had one of those Who's On First moments with a young man looking for one of the Pseudonymous Bosch books.

  3. Here, Saturdays are either the worst, or they're so boring that it's basically unbearable.