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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Librarian Reality

There's a cool project on Tumblr called This is What a Librarian Looks Like that strives to "Challenge the Librarian Stereotype One Post at a Time." It's been very fun to follow so far! My entry is below, and I encourage any librarian reading this to submit your picture and show the world that real librarians are anything but dull. 

"My name is Rita Meade, and I’m a children’s librarian at Brooklyn Public Library. This is a picture of me singing with a band called Lost in the Stacks, which is comprised of mostly librarians. We strive to promote libraries through great music (as well as smash the stereotype about “boring” librarians!)" 


  1. So, now my pleated skirt and cardigans are DULL? Man, how I wish I had enough hair to wear in a bun. I intend to rock the stereotype, since it is quickly dying. Someone has to. It makes me giggle, though, to think that in 50 years young people will be trying to overthrow the stereotype of the magenta haired, tattooed librarian. Ha!

    1. I for one dig the pleated skirt and cardigan look. Perhaps I am old-school, but it works for me. Especially if you are holding a stack of diverse books!


  2. Not at all! You should continue to rock whatever makes you happy and the most productive at your job. Even though it's the name of the project, I think the stereotype is really less about what a librarian "looks like" and more about what we DO and how varied our lives and personalities are. Some non-librarians don't understand that A) we don't just sit around at work and do nothing. Our jobs are active, vital, and important - and so are we! B) Librarians are a wonderfully diverse group with many special talents and interests. For me, that's what this project is promoting. We're NOT all the same, and (based on comments I've gotten in the past) that's something more people need to realize and appreciate.

  3. Thanks for the shout and thank you for submitting a photo! This project is so much fun and its great to see all the different librarian "types" that are out there.

  4. I love what all of us look like. Librarians are my peeps and from full-out fashionista to frazzled frump, from refined to rough-neck we are all so much more than what people may see from 9-5.

  5. Bobbi: you're very welcome! Thanks for creating the project.

    Marge: I agree! The diversity is the best part.