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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Star Sighting

AMAZING NEWS, YOU GUYS. I was recently weeding non-fiction and I stumbled across an autograph from an actual celebrity written in a library book! I mean, I know it's real because all real autographs have to announce that they are autographs, right? And then instruct the reader how to find out who the celebrity is just in case the reader doesn't know, RIGHT?

General tip: when a stranger tells you to Google Image-search something, it's NEVER a bad idea. 
AND it's only fitting that this (completely real and non-fake) autograph was found written in the book about astronauts pictured below because Demi Lovato is totally the biggest STAR in the UNIVERSE! And she probably loves space exploration and that's why she was hanging out in the astronomy section of the library in the first place! And she totally probably wants to be an astronaut when she retires from whatever it is she does that makes her famous! 

Okay, I have no idea who Demi Lovato is. (A preliminary Google search shows me that she has a song out called "Give Your Heart a Break," which indicates that she and I would totally be BFF IRL.) She may very well be a huge star, but I'm too old and ignorant of pop culture to appreciate the reference. The point is: STOP WRITING IN LIBRARY BOOKS, PEOPLE. LIBRARIES AREN'T MADE OF MONEY. BOOKS DON'T GROW ON TREES well you get the point. 

Just don't do it. Or, if you must, at least pick a celebrity a certain librarian would actually find worth searching for on Google Images.


  1. ha ha I would love to know what went through the mind of the person who wrote that in the book! Hardcore Demi Lovato fan or what?!

    The Robert Downey Jr. Signature would definetly make me squeal with excitement! :P

  2. What's wrong with the world, Part XCVII:

    Next year I will be sixty, and I know who Demi Lovato is.

    This can't be good.

  3. At least they chose someone real like Demi Lovato, all of the autographed books brought to our attention are usually signed by Ollie Tabooger, Tillit Hertz, Luke Skywalker, etc.

  4. okay ... So, after laughing about this cute post, my curiosity was piqued. I then had to Google Demi (I guess I am old too). And, the first thing that came up was, "Demi Lovato shocked Hollywood by suddenly checking into rehab."

    Possibly she felt remorse for writing in the astronaut book and then binged on margaritas.

    Regardless, thanks for sharing a day in the life of a librarian, and for making me giggle prior to retiring for the evening.

    Keep up the most-excellent work!

  5. Thanks, Vaughn! I'm glad you enjoyed. Thanks for reading!