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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lost in the Stacks

Tonight I had a very productive rehearsal with the librarian band I'm in, Lost in the Stacks. (Get it? Get it? Librarians are so clever.) I thought I'd shamelessly plug the band, because I am terrible at promoting it and really should do a better job. Also, I mention "librarian band" in my Twitter bio and no one ever knows what the hell I'm talking about. Here's the deal:

From behind the keys, I sneak a picture of some of the band members during tonight's rehearsal.
The band was formed in 2004, and I joined about a year and a half ago to sing and play the keyboard/piano. 'Stacks is comprised of librarians, save for our drummer Richie and our guest bass/harmonica player Kid Java. (Both of these gentlemen are amazing musicians, so we forgive them for not being librarians. Ha!) Everyone in the band is very talented and passionate about music and libraries and it's a lot of fun. 

The Lost in the Stacks members:

Jack McCleland--guitar, keyboards (the head honcho!)
Clyde Kerlew--vocals, guitar, bass, tenor sax, and a whole mess of other instruments (the brains and brawn!)
Rita Meade---vocals, keyboards 
Stephen Stickney--6- and 12-string guitar
Richie Araldi--drums, percussion, vocals
Sharon Tidwell--flute, percussion
Matt Cole--alto & bari sax, percussion (arrangement master!)  
Harold Stern--trombone, percussion

The best part is that we've kind of become the "house band" for library advocacy events in NYC. We are very happy to help spread the word that libraries are essential to communities and that librarians can indeed ROCK. *cue guitar riff*

Click here to watch a video of us performing at BPL's Love Your Library Day last year.

Me at tonight's rehearsal. This is what happens when you try to take a stealthy photo
of yourself while singing: you turn into an extra from "The Ring."

If you'd like, you can listen to some of our tunes on our MySpace page (see, MySpace IS still useful for something!) Lost in the Stacks has a CD out, and it's good, I swear. But we don't have a website, so....we don't really know how to sell the CDs other than at our rare gigs. If you REALLY want one, feel free to email me and maybe we can work out a way to mail it, but there's absolutely no pressure. We're not in it for the fame and fortune. (See what I mean about being a bad promoter?)

Lastly, feel free to click here for some pictures of our amazingly fun gig at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, which I will never ever EVER stop talking about because Gordon from "Sesame Street" (aka Roscoe Orman) sang with us for one song. GORDON, MAN!

Lost in the Stacks in action.

And that, my friends, is the deal with the librarian band.


  1. Looking forward to attending a concert one day, and I'll try to take a (slightly) better pic of you.

  2. Michael: I'm not going to lie. It. Was. AWESOME.

    Thanks, Robin! I'll let you know if we ever play again. ;)

  3. If ever I found myself in NYC, and Paul McCartney was playing another concert at Yankee Stadium, and I couldn't get a ticket, you guys certainly would be my second choice. Rock on.

  4. Do you guys play Wrock? Cuz that would be awesome.

  5. I watched your video, and I am IMPRESSED. Now I am even more bitter there hasn't been a gig the couple of times I've been in NYC. We must fix this.

  6. If you want to sell CDs on line, you could try a place like CDBaby. Soon you'll be raking in the cash! Er, with a small rake.

  7. Are you all from the same library system? I don't remember if you performed at the Library Readathon at BPL Grand Army Plaza, but if you did, unfortunately I missed you guys. Hopefully one of these days, I'll see you all perform.