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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good News, Sort Of

I'm a little late in posting this information - it's been a busy couple of weeks with summer reading and reviewing and confiscating vevuzelas from kids in the library (true story) - but we got some pretty good news regarding the library budget: as of now, there will no library closures and no layoffs. This IS good news, and it's a huge relief. 

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In a fun turn of events, The Village Voice followed up on their blog post about MY blog posabout "Tara," the kid who wrote the awesome and vaguely threatening postcards to Mayor Bloomberg. The very nice Village Voice blogger thought it would be fun to get a follow-up quote from "Tara," so I talked to her the next time I saw her in the library. Here was my response as it appeared in the Village Voice's post:

I saw Tara as she walked up the stairs to the children's floor. She was eating Doritos and staring intently at her Nintendo DS (or whatever the kids are playing these days). I went up to her and said, excitedly, "Hey, remember those postcards you wrote?" Tara looked at me blankly and chomped on a Dorito. "Huh?" She said. "You know, about the library budget being cut?" "Oh...yeah," she said, looking down at her DS.
"Well, they worked! They didn't cut the library's budget! We're not going to close," I said.
At that point, she finally got what I was talking about, and she looked at me, smiling, and did a little neckroll/fingersnap thing.
Then she said: "Bring it ON! Let's see this mayor. If he comes here, I'm gonna give him a piece of my mind." I couldn't help but laugh, even as I explained that the Mayor and City Council voted to restore most of the library's funding. (Although, truth be told, I wouldn't mind someone giving the Mayor a piece of his/her mind for doing this ridiculous budget game every year.)
Kids are the best at cutting right to the point, aren't they? I hope "Tara" never loses her edge. 
HOWEVER (there's always something), the library is not completely out of the woods (we're NEVER completely out of the woods). We did get cut this time around, and we face another potential budget cut in November. If it's high enough, there's a chance of layoffs then ("rightsizing, they're now calling it. Nothing right about that!) 

But for now, we're open, we're there, and we're plugging away at those little jobs we do. Thank you for your support, and please keep using your local library. 

*Edit: I've learned that "rightsizing" doesn't necessarily mean layoffs, but rather, a reshuffling of staff around the branches. We'll see!


  1. I can relate. Memphis Public Library is going through the same crisis and we all took a 4.6% paycut with the looming anxiety of layoffs. I wish we had a voice like "Tara"...although the City workers unions are suing the City, so maybe that's our Tara?

  2. Ugh, I'm so sorry. It's rough all over. I hope it works out for you! Maybe YOU can be a voice?

  3. Rightsizing?! That is nothing short of insulting. If they have to be the bad guy they should call it like it is. I'm so tired of politicians...
    But I'm really enjoying reading your blog posts =]