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Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Readin', Had Me a Blast

Our annual Summer Reading kickoff was yesterday. It was a day of promoting literacy, a day of getting kids excited about reading and books, a day of mirth and joy at the library (read: it was a madhouse).

It was a fun day, but a crazy one (a bit crazier than usual, anyway). One girl, who is normally a very calm and quiet 10-year-old, was acting a bit nutty in the way that kids do when school is out and the weather is hot and they've had too much sugar and there is a change in their routine. She's a great kid, but she knew that she was starting to frazzle me and my co-worker when we started saying things to her like "You need to calm down and BREATHE."

At one point, the girl skipped off to the computers, cheerfully threatening us with her imminent return. "You can't keep me out of your faces!" she cried. A little while later, she ran up to the summer reading sign-up table and gave us this note she had typed up:

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like if you are actually fine, you don't need to carry around a piece of paper that says you're fine (and I don't know what that many exclamation marks indicates, but it's definitely not fineness).  

It was a long day.

Also, late in the afternoon, I noticed something strange about the "Superstar" tattoos we had been giving out to the kids as prizes:

"Don't You Know That You Are a Superslar?"

Literacy loses again. Brace yourselves, librarians. It's going to be a long summer.*

*On a more positive note, I heard a toddler say, as his mother was pushing him in his stroller toward the elevator, "This is the best library ever!" Then he said to an older kid standing by the elevator "Are you a big boy like I am?" Heart-melting (even for those of us like me who are dead inside). The cute stuff always counterbalances the "bad" stuff. Always.


  1. Maybe the crossed T is implied?

  2. Super Side-looking Airborne Radar. Just lovers of accurate topology.

  3. "You can't keep me out of your faces"?! Hahaha what the heck!!