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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

'Arts & Crafts' Saves the Day

I want to make this clear: I love my job. I do. However, this has been a particularly insane (a more appropriate word might be "helltrocious") week at the library so far - on top of the normal chaos, we're packed to the gills because the kids are off from school; last-minute reports and projects are due and parents are panicking for their children; people are demanding tax form help; etc.  It's just busy, busy, busy. 

Don't get me wrong, busy is good. (And if you think that libraries are no longer relevant, come visit my branch. I'll show you so much relevancy, your head will explode.) BUT since we're also more short-staffed than usual this week, it's been exhausting and sometimes frustrating. Comes with the territory. 

And yet, magically, the library regulars always seem to know when I am having a bit of a rough time. My wonderful interns did an arts & crafts program today, and after it was through, I received a surprise present from one of the kids: 

This would be even more perfect if my name were Bryan.

Call it overly-precious. Call it twee. I don't care. This pin turned my day around - especially because the kid was so proud of herself for making it. I will wear it with pride and use it as inspiration to be the best librarian I can be. Because who doesn't want to be #1?

(Full disclosure: my co-worker and equally awesome fellow children's librarian Ally received the same pin. We may need to have some kind of librarian cage match to determine the true victor.)


  1. That is perfect. I am having a rough week too, but no pin. I am jealous (I don't think I am joking, and I wonder if my office has a pin maker).

  2. That is awesome. Kids are often adorable, and they always are surprising. I'm glad that turned your day around. ~Ali

  3. Love it! We all need to know we're appreciated, but agree, two #1s isn't going to work. I think the cage match is a good idea.

  4. In Library World, there can be two #1 Librarians. They're just in different dewey decimal classes!

  5. How sweet is this?? I want one. A #1 Technical Writer?? (I can see my colleagues collapsing in fits of giggles at that.)

  6. It is indeed a busy time (mid-terms), although spring break starts this afternoon for me! And your mention of taxes reminded me that it is also FAFSA time. Anyways I think Mad Max, Thunderdome style librarian fights would be pretty interesting.

    @Janet_Reid - Eh that is worse than the "There are 10 kinds of people in the world..." joke. Curtailed here to prevent repeating the full awfulness of it.

  7. This is so adorable, and you have no idea how blessed you are to be able to say, "I love my job."


    I do want to see the cage match, even if you decide two #1's is okay.

  8. Thanks, guys! (Although I can't believe the bloodthirst in these comments.) ;)

    Janet, that's true! I can't believe I overlooked the Dewey loophole.

  9. One slight worry. From a distance, somebody might read that and think you're the No. 1 Libyan. And now's probably not the time to be mistaken for Gaddafi.
    Other than that, adorable.

  10. I work in the public school system and I get little "GIFTIES" like this all the time...they are THAT much more perfect BECAUSE of their imperfection!!! Love it.