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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Librarian's Snow Day

Like the Yeti, a snow day for a librarian is a very rare thing. Public libraries usually pride themselves on staying open no matter what. After a snowstorm last year, Mayor Bloomberg told NYCers to send their kids to libraries while the rest of the city was shut down. We're hardcore like that.

However, yesterday's unprecedented blizzard left libraries (and most other agencies) closed today and I found myself with an unexpected day off. Conveniently ignoring piles of laundry and a deadline for my as-yet-unsubmitted book reviews, I tried to figure out what to do with my morning. So, like every other jerk in NYC, I decided to take some pictures of the snow.

Image 1: Obligatory Exposition Shot

My street. Fascinating, right? (Whatever, I never claimed to be Ansel Adams.) In the background you can sort of see the water (the Narrows). It's a pretty view, and I thought it would look prettier in the snow, so I attempted to walk a bit closer.

Image 2: Action Shot

Because of the gale force winds blowing tiny daggers of snow into my eyes, this was about as close as I could get to the water. Failure. (However, you might be able to see how the wind was whipping the snow around and creating interesting peaks in the snow drifts. An example of winter's majestic, painful beauty.)

Image 3: Post-Apocalyptic Shot

The lone snow-shoveler steadfastly makes his way down a deserted road. What twisted, warped snow creatures will he meet on the way to his unknown destination? (Answer: me, in a wool hat and down parka, taking his picture in the middle of the street like a weirdo.)

Image 4: Cue-The-Sad-Music Shot

My poor car buried in a snowdrift. As far as I'm concerned, it's a lost cause. In 200 years, archaeologists will find it, dig it out, and study it. (My apologies to future generations for all the bird crap on the windshield.)

And that, my friends, is how you waste a snow day. Bring on the hot toddies.


  1. It's the second lead story on the BBC news this evening. Seeing timelapse of snow fall in NJ and cars skidding around in Washington. I'm going out on a limb here, but I suspect that you might not be going to work tomorrow!

  2. I dunno, Phil. NYPL, at least, kind of freaks out after they give us a snow day. They suddenly wonder "What were we thinking???" and the next thing you know you're blearily sitting at a reference desk, coated in melting snow up to your knees, while small tumbleweeds roll through the abandoned wasteland that is your empty library. So I think tomorrow may be writ in stone.

  3. Hi Rita, That looks awful! I'm from Michigan and we haven't sen that kind of snowfall in years. By the way, A Motion for Innocence Second Edition is now available on my blog, www.amotionforinnocence.blogspot.com- I really do think you'll find it scary, enlightening and unbelievably shocking.

  4. "taking his picture in the middle of the street like a weirdo"

    You shouldn't feel like a weirdo when taking pictures :)

  5. Love your blog and the photos! I've always wondered what goes through a librarian's mind. (who left all the newspapers in a snarl? why did someone reverse the order of books on the Ba-Bi shelf? when will Alexander McCall Smith have pity on his character Bertie?) And now I know.

  6. Thanks, Carolyn! I'm not sure you want to know what goes through my mind, but I appreciate you reading. :)

    Jay, I still appreciate your help and the help of your wife with digging out my car...Monday was the first day in a week and a half that I was able to drive it. Stupid snow.

    Phil & Elizabeth: we do what we have to do. We do what we have to do.