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Saturday, December 4, 2010

How to Cheer Up a Grumpy Librarian

I got into work today - a beautiful, cold, sunny Saturday - prepared to be completely disgruntled and cranky. In fact, I was kind of looking forward to it. It's my seventh day of work in row and I had a very bad day yesterday (one of those days where everything went wrong, I had awful things to deal with, I felt run-down and frustrated, and on top of all that, I had bad hair). Also, I got very little sleep last night. When I don't get a lot of sleep, I usually have the disposition of Mike Tyson the next morning (you know, before he found God).

I was also running late this morning, and an embarrassingly frivolous reason was partly to blame for this - I was trying to do something with my aforementioned bad hair. (Note to self: don't get your bangs trimmed when your hair stylist has three other clients impatiently waiting for him). I arrived at my desk, flustered, anxious, slightly out of breath. As I put down my bag and took off my coat, I noticed a piece of paper resting on my keyboard. I figured at first that it was a telephone message, a note from my boss asking me to change my schedule, or something equally mundane. I looked at the piece of paper more closely and saw that it was a note from two young girls (about nine years old) who regularly come into the library.

They had been hanging around the reference desk yesterday while I was on duty, being their silly cheerful selves, chatting with me and asking me endless questions, as they always do. They hugged me when my co-worker came to relieve me, and as I walked away, I could hear them start chatting enthusiastically with my co-worker (who must have been the one to place the note on my keyboard. She's a co-conspirator). I don't know what exactly prompted the girls to write it after I left, but maybe they somehow sensed that I had been having a bad day. Kids just seem to pick up on these things. And the note, with its playful Eric Carle-esque illustration, its random literary advice, and its “beyond-their-years” wisdom, made me smile this morning. Thank you, silly girls.