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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not a Good Time to Lose One's Head

As I demonstrated in a previous post, the defacement of library books is a common occurrence. However, one patron took the concept of defacing to a fabulously literal level by removing (for reasons unknown) the protagonist's face from the cover of this romance novel:

As we all know, destroying a book cover is wrong. However, I think the real crime here is that we'll never know if this man was in fact "criminally" handsome.

Wait, what am I saying?? I'm a librarian. I know how to use Google!

Hmm. I'm going to let you judge for yourselves about the legality of his handsomeness. (Photo borrowed from Amazon.com.)

Now the fun part will be guessing what this purloining patron did with the poor guy's ripped-off visage. Did she tape his face over her ex-husband's in their wedding photo? Create a romance-novel-hero voodoo doll? Put on a puppet show? The possibilities are endless.

Godspeed, little criminal.


  1. Well, now I'm offended. I posed for that cover a while back and now I have my "friend" Rita avoid the question of whether or not I am truly "criminally handsome".

    (And, I'll try and tell my Mom to stop defacing the books, but you know how she is after she's had a few....)

  2. Obviously, "someone" is getting a tattoo and they needed the picture for the tattoo artist to use as a reference. By "someone" I mean, of course, me.

  3. Listen, you two. Library book defacement is a SERIOUS issue. I will not be mocked.

    (Also, that would be the worst romance-novel-related tattoo ever. At least pick a book with Fabio on the cover or something.)

  4. I think he is criminally handsome and would love to read the book :-) As to why? Well could he look like the defacer's ex? Or...