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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wining, Dining, Overdue Fining

We all know of the fun that can be had inside a library. But occasionally the fun happens right outside, as illustrated by something I found as I walked into work recently. Behold:

This scene brought to mind several questions:

1) Who drinks outside a library in the middle of the night?
a. College kids?
b. The homeless?
c. Patrons who REALLY want to get a good seat in the morning?

2) Was my library the party destination? Or was this just one stop of many on a late-night library wine tour?

3) Why is there wine in the water bottle?
a. Was the wine-drinker saving some for later?
b. Were two people sharing the wine? And if so, why didn't they
just split the bottle? Germs?
c. If you drink wine outside of a library at night, are you really the type
of person who cares about germs?

4) Why didn't the wine drinker(s) place the bottles in the garbage can a few feet away? (Never mind about recycling; we're way past that issue here).

5) Why wasn't I invited?

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